since 1960...

How everything began…

The foundation stone was already laid in the year 1945 from Therese and Georg Reubel, who started a restaurant in Hochstrasse 8 in Zirndorf.

In 1960, the later hotel had its origin in the dance hall “Zur Eule”, which was known as a gathering place of the youth and was built by their son Alois with his wife Anneliese.

The offer increased since the construction of nine guest rooms, as well as two bowling alleys in the year 1963.

In the year 1970 “Gasthof Rangau” was born. In addition to its new name, a dining area and adjoining rooms for celebrations were created through an extension including four more bowling alleys in the basement.

The first generation change took place in the year 1981.

The eldest son Paul, being a professional cook, took over Gasthof Rangau together with his wife Helga, who had been a hotel manageress, and achieved their desires.

After several minor renovations, Paul and Helga Reubel ventured to modify it to the later well known “Hotel Rangau”.

As six apartments included in 1993, small refurbishments followed, such as remodeling the restaurant.

Time for changes

In 2008, we took account of our long standing tradition and finally adopted our family name.

“Hotel Rangau” became “Hotel Reubel”. In 2010, we celebrated our 50th anniversary.

The next change of generation occurred in the year 2013. Paul and Helga Reubel handed over their family running hotel to their youngest daughter Katrin on the 1st June 2013.

Herewith, the trained hotel manageress and hotel business administrator leads the hotel in the third generation.

Modernity meets tradition

Regarding this Motto, Katrin Reubel-Wirth modernized both the hotel and the restaurant.

During the modernization in summer 2017, a new dining concept and a modern lounge with bar emerged, where you have the possibility to spend your time even more comfortable and cozy.

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